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I'm looking for a friendly and personal service from a caterer for my wedding. How would Canababes provide this?

At Canababes Food Co we like to create a dialogue with you. To try to find out as much about you as possible and from there we create you a tailor made menu. Our Ethos is that the event is YOURS and thus we like to have your input, enabling an all round special day for you!

Am I able to have some say into the menus?

Of course! As much or as little input as you like. But equally if you want to just give us a few pointers and leave it to us then that is absolutely fine too.

If I have a family recipe would you be able to recreate this as part of a menu?

We would love to. This keeps us on our toes and means we never stop learning how to cook new and exciting things!!

What styles of cuisine does Canababes specialise in?

We like to consider ourselves chameleons of cuisine. Ottolenghi is clear inspiration, as are all other cooks and chefs championing the use of fresh, healthy, colourful and high quality ingredients. Our aim is to make the food for your event delicious and beautiful!

What food service styles do you offer?

Our style is usually that of family dining, sharing platters and buffets. Canapés are usually served and we can do individually plated food. We want you to enjoy the social experience of eating, the food a shared enjoyment for your guests and a talking point which brings people together.

I am a vegetarian and lots of my friends are vegan. What menus do Canababes offer which fit our requirements?

Canababes does not have standard menus. Of course we have tried and tested dishes but really it is a case of you telling us what you want and then we will create  you a tailor made proposal. This can be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free...you name it and we will create it!

Do Canababes do corporate events?

We like to make food for anyone who likes to eat delicious food! Last Christmas we did lots of parties and events for the likes of Google, Aspire, The Eden Project, La Marzokko, NSPCC, Harrods & Ernst & Young...

I want to be 100% sure that I love the food for my wedding. Is it possible to have a tasting?

Absolutely. We do tastings at our kitchen in Hackney Wick or at the venue if there is a kitchen. You may try as many courses of your proposed menu as you like or just have a selection of canapés and a chat. A tasting  gives us all a chance to get to know one another, discuss your wedding or event and think about the logistics and finer details. It also gives you the opportunity to see us in our home environment and potentially meet the team (depending on who’s around that day!). We charge a nominal fee depending on how many courses you taste.

What if some of my guests have dietary requirements?

If you tell us which of your guests has a dietary requirement or an allergy a minimum of a week before the event, this will give us time to ensure that there is an delicious adequate replacement for whatever it is they can’t eat.

In what way are Canababes Unique? I want my wedding to stand out from others. How will Canababes help me achieve this?

We are a couple of extraordinary women. Our friends might say bossy, but in reality we are good at getting the job done! We have years of experience between us, ranging from operational event management, cheffing and hospitality and even the NHS! But most of all WE LOVE FOOD, feeding people and talking about it! The combination of this means we are interested in who you are and what you want for your event or wedding. We are really passionate and professional but we also have fun whilst we work. You can rely on the Canababes to think of everything so you don’t have to!

We've never organised a wedding before (!), might Canababes be able to help us with the planning stages?

We would love to help you with the planning. Organisation is our thing! Typically, we would sit down with you, either at a meeting or tasting. You would tell us about the running order and timings for the day or event and highlight any areas where you might need input from us. For example, with running the bar, to laying tables, decoration, staffing, equipment hire etc. We don’t officially call ourselves wedding planners but we have all the skills necessary to help you and we will provide you with this service in a relaxed and fun way!

The venue that I am interested in is ‘dry hire’, what does this mean and would we still be able to use the Canababes?

Whether your venue has a fully functional catering kitchen or nothing at all, we can make it work. For the most part we have a lot of equipment which we can be used at your event free of charge although for some menus we may need to hire additional items in.

Are Canababes able to recommend any equipment hire companies?

What we've noticed over the years is that everyone has their own taste and style when it comes to crockery, cutlery and glassware items. For this reason, we leave it to you to choose the supplier, although below are a few we definitely recommend. Once you confirm your event with us we will put together a full equipment list, stating whether we will provide something or if it needs to be hired in, to assist you with the ordering process.

Hallmark www.hallmarkcatering.com / Yahire www.yahire.com / Classic Crockery www.classiccrockery.co.uk

Our Team

Are Canababes able to help out with providing friendly and reliable staff for our wedding?

It is important that our team are as enthusiastic about food as we are! Our team are hand-picked by us through years of working in the industry, and we ensure that they will be friendly and informative to your guests. They love food as much as we do and are always helpful and attentive, without being overly stuffy or informal

Where Canababes operates:

My event is outside London and I know that Canababes is a Hackney-based catering company. Would I still be able to use the Canababes?

Absolutely! Canababes is a moveable feast. Day to day, we are based in Hackney Wick. 3 minutes from the overground and 10 minutes across the Olympic Park to Stratford but we have done and will travel across the country if needs be! We love to get out of London and pop up a kitchen. This might mean there are additional costs, for transport and if we need to hire extra equipment. It all depends on the venue, facilities, size of the event and style of food being served.


Can you tell me your prices?

We can but we would need to know a bit more about your day or event first i.e. how many guests, how many courses, the length of time for canapé service, the style of dining and whether or not you would require assistance with staffing the bar or setting up the venue and tables. As a starting point our canapés are priced at £10 per head for 6 bites (3 or 4 types) for one hour of service.


Planning a special event that you want to add a unique catering twist to?

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We look forward to hearing from you!

if you’re not sure whether you should book Canababes for your party, wedding, corporate gig, birthday or whatever, just do it. Stop thinking and do it. Not only does the food look great and taste delicious but the whole experience from start to finish was a delight.
— David Sabberton, Groom - Trinity Buoy Wharf. 130 Guests